Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight
Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight
Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight
Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight
Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight
Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight
Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight
Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight
Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight
Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight
Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight
Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight

Tactical LED Torch 3,800L G7K Flashlight

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Product Details
  • Ultra Tough! — Built from durable, mil-spec aircraft grade aluminum
  • High Quality! — Built tough for whatever is thrown at it
  • Ultra Bright! — Newest lighting technology utilized; LED (Light Emitting Diodes) for a brighter, longer lasting light
  • Weather Proof! — Can withstand all types of weather due to its’ Aluminum body and Splash-proof Seals

This LED torch flashlight will provide all your mobile lighting needs with no worries. Our torchlight kit includes the Cree XM-L T6 LED torchlight made from extremely durable aircraft-grade aluminum, 3 AAA battery adapter, lanyard, 18650 rechargeable battery, 18650 battery wall charger. The torchlight’s exterior is made from high quality, aircraft-grade aluminum, allowing for drops, scratches, etc. This torch light will last a lifetime. In addition to its’ stellar exterior, it includes 5 modes of light: High, Medium, Low, S.O.S., and Strobe for all needs, including both commercial and personal uses. With all these high quality components combined in a neat package, this may be the last flashlight you may ever buy!

Package Includes

  • Tactical LED Torch Flashlight
  • 3 AAA Battery Adapter
  • Lanyard
  • 18650 Recharageable Battery
  • 18650 Battery Wall Charger


  • Brand — Intovus
  • Type — Torch Flash Light
  • MPN — E17 / G700
  • Unit Color — Black
  • Lighting Modes — High – Medium – Low – SOS – Strobe
  • Case Material — Convex
  • Splashproof — Yes
  • LED Module — Cree XM-L T6 (http://www.cree.com/led-components/media/documents/XLampXML-11E.pdf)
  • LED Lamp Life — 100,000 hours
  • LED Color Temperature — Cold (~6,000 to 7,000 Kelvins)
  • LED Brightness — 3,800 Lumens
  • Battery — 1x 18650 Rechargeable Battery (included) / 3x AAA via included Adapter
  • Battery Life — 4 to 6 hours

5 Function Button

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • SOS
  • Strobe

Variable Zoom

Adjustable zoom lens for varied light dispersion patterns ranging from Puddle to Focused Lighting. Puddle lighting is for short distance, full lighting of an immediate area, such as a room. Focused lighting allows for lighting a longer distance with a narrow lighting beam.

Convex Lens

Smooth Convex Lens for Clear Visibility and Maximum Throw

Emergency Hammer

Tactical edges allow for this torch flash light to be used as an Emergency Hammer. In emergency situations, if your auto doors won’t open, you can utilize this tactical light to break your windows to safely get out of your vehicle.

Able to Resist Any Weather

The Intovus G7 Tactical Torch Flash Light is able to stand up to any inclimental weather. There are seals throughout this unit to prevent any moisture or liquids to come in contact with crucial elemnts. As long as all components are tightly screwed on, including the variable zoom and lens, it should withstand water.

High Quality Light Emitting Diodes (LED)

This tactical torch flash light incorporates LED from the leader in LED technology, Cree, and utilized their ultra reliable XM-L T6 Light Emitting Diodes. This particular LED is known to last at minimum 100,000 hours of normal usage.

Scientific Elements for Optimal Performance

Integrated within the LED area is a Brass inner core for excellent heat dissipation and optimal light refraction.

Rechargeable battery dead? Use this 3x AAA adapter instead!

Included with our Intovus Tactical Torch Flash Light, we include a 3x AAA Battery Adapter to use in place of the 18650 Rechargeable Battery.

Portable Travel-Ready Li-ion Battery Universal Charger

  • Only 1.25 x 4″ inches (Width-Height)
  • Plugged in, only sticks out 2.25″ inches
  • Wall Plug fold neatly into the unit to have only 1-9/16″ inches in depth

Universal Li-ion Charger

  • Safe and Reliable Quick Charge for your Lithium Ion Battery
  • CE Certified
  • Indoor Use Only
  • Input — AC100-240V ; 47-63Hz
  • Output — 3.7V / 500mA
  • End of Charge Voltage — 4.2V +- 1%
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